Scenes From a Weekend

Borrego Springs, Ca. 

24 hours that involved a long swim at the hotel pool, four peanut butter sandwiches spread with a credit card in lieu of a knife, four paper cupped margaritas, one head cold, one lingering stomach bug that surprised us when it resurfaced in fresh vomit on the stairway at dark when we had long counted it gone, one recovering puppy named Frankie, a handful of retired Trump supports in the spa talking politics (and naturally bashing Hilary) in straw hats, 24 glow in the dark balloons, four small gifts bought at the giftshop, free cookies in linen bags at check in, a marathon breakfast that kept us at a table for over almost two hours where a slew of cutely penned creations started to abound at a table full of happily entertained kids given pens and plenty of attention by one stellar waitress with a red bandana wrapped around her head, a short drive to take a short hike that never happened because of defaulted momentum as a result of "losing" two kids in the midst of scolding two others (Leon and Evie who conveniently disappeared into an air conditioned museum space while we were left running around in a sweaty panic spouting frantic details in tears to well meaning park rangers and other equally concerned strangers), a field full of frail yellow wildflowers, and one last hurrah at the biker bar / ice cream parlor or the 79 on the way home that catered to four filthy and exhausted little boys in line behind an old man with a long white beard who told them their mother was "good looking" and that they should therefore "treat her right" which seemed to amuse everyone except Hayes Ray who's signature hard slap came right for him after the remark and kept him laughing all the way into a parking lot lined with mud streaked Harley's and odd old dune desert bound buggies.

Just another line in the long chapter marked "desert day cations had while growing up"
With this round including two feisty, pretty little girls as lively participants.