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Left Handed Kisses

Per usual, anything Fiona related tends to make it's way here eventually. Hopefully some of you share the same feelings for her as I do because when I caught word of this Andrew Bird + Fiona duet (from a friend who's friend hand a big hand in filming it) my heart skipped a beat.

This video I've watched a few times now and with each viewing I come away with a deeper appreciation for both the song and concept. The eye rolls, the odd instrumentals, her smashing of that bottle. But mostly the way he keeps regretfully mentioning the stupid love song refrains he blames her for essentially evoking. Brilliantly complex little love ballad if I do say so myself.

*fun fact: apparently the delicate floral frock Fiona is wearing in the video was choosen to mark a deliberate contrast to the harsh sentiments she's spewing in the song, to help create an off beat balance showcasing a faltering love affair and all of the plain beauty it's long left behind.