Thrift Picks

It's been awhile, since the last of one of these thrift pick posts made the rounds, but that's because I haven't been as lucky (or frequent) lately with the thrift shop romps these days.

Here, a few gems from the past few weeks.

Wooden drum & accessories: 7. 00

Ceramic Owl for the Boy's Room . 50

Kid's Size 6 Wool Sweater 2. 00

Leather Sandals (sent from my personal Brooklynn second hand shopper - and BF ) 20. 00

Small Ceramic Jar (also from Brooklynn's Salvation Army) 1. 00

Baja Stripped Button Down (which I may have posted before) 2. 00

Mini Vase . 50

In other news, I'm buried in laundry today, trying to sort my way into a decent state before our road trip Thursday. And then packing up and checking off the list of last minute to-dos all day tomorrow. Hoping to share some of the goods I'm taking with me over here once I'm done. I love to see what other people's packing looks like. Plus I've got a couple things you gotta know about.

See you then.