A Few Favorites

Overheard L.a, Trust me on this one. I can't tell you how many convos I've read here and either had, or overheard in similar fashion myself. The blurbs are hilarious. It's L.A in a nutshell. *with heavy emphasis on the nut

Lauren Winter Introduced to me by my friend Victoria who's black jumpsuit turned me on to the line on a recent visit. 

Chelsea Does Mrs. Handler's new four part series on Netflix that (for me) offers up a perfect mix of what she's known for - blunt raunchy humor mixed with some heavy insights we're not typically use to seeing linked to comedians. The show is funny and serious, tackling some pretty big issues in the manner only Chelsea could. I loved every second of it I devoured in the midst of my mid day laundry folding this week. And I think it's a super smart move on her part to test the limits and try something new. 

Weelicious run by a woman I met at an event last Spring and have followed ever since. I love the simplicity of her meals and am dying to try her black bean cakes. 

Nico Nico for women. Because I kept saying every time I would see Denise's girls in these stunning little dresses how much I needed them in my size. And now they are.