Back Home

We're back home now, after a whirlwind of a weekend making our way up the coastline where we landed for a few days  back on the dreamy banks of the Fernwood campgrounds in Big Sur for the tail end of the boy's Spring Break. It was just as dreamy as last year which means I probably took way too many photos that I've got to share here some point this week. Bear me with me on those?

In addition to announcing some exciting shop news and a first post marking a new series I've been dying to debut here now for months, you might want to check in here randomly throughout the week. For now I have to find the motivation I need to climb my way out of these piles of dirty laundry, clear out the airstream, and prepare our home and family for an early morning shoot happening tomorrow with a foreign car company coming to shoot a commercial showing us going about our "normal day" using their van as a means of trial transportation. The details I'm still unclear on but the outtakes and humilating downfalls that are sure to ensure with my kids as hired cast you can follow along via Snapchat as it all unfolds in live time. Because, honestly, I'm a little scared for everyone involved.

Wish me luck. And I'll meet you back here soon?