Edible Garden

I've tried my hand at a couple pathetic attempts at gardening in the past but always ended up feeling slightly disappointed by the frail fruits of my admittedly lazy efforts. However, when Nature's Care approached me last month about partnering for their new organic soil and plant food line I was pretty excited to give it another shot seeing how the herbs I use for cooking regularly is something I've been wanting to grow in a small home garden set up for awhile now. If only because of how much I hate having to run to the store for a bundle of cilantro or rosemary every time I'm out. Having it here and on hand is so much more convenient.

As for the box frame, I had originally planned on planting the herbs in a mid sized wooden barrel but Mike offered to make me a custom planter so we ended up with an octagon box built of spare wood from the teepees that turned out so much prettier than anything else we could have purchased locally. In fact we had to turn down so many inquiring farmer market participants at the Nature's Care booth last weekend while there to showcase this demo - hoping to buy one for their own home - that I really started to regret not making a couple more just to spare some of the disappointed faces I saw when we told them the frames weren't actually for sale.

Herbs Chosen:
- Cilantro (2x because it's my favorite!)
- Chives
- Oregano 
- Banana Peppers
- Mint
- Rosemary 
- Thyme 

Products Used:
- Nature's Care Planting Soil 
- Nature's Care Blood Food 

As far as construction is concerned, it'a a fairly simple design with a nice open center to stock a few tools, some food, water can and sheers. Mike drilled small holes at the bottom of each section to ensure proper water drainage keeps the plants from holding too much moisture and each of the boys choose an herb to care which naturally put a competitive edge to the chore with three of them vying for "most promising" herb bed title and one trying to consistently destroy them all just for fun.

Now if only they could get it together and learn to cook some of the meals they're adding these handsomely grown little herbs to.

This post was inspired by my partnership with Nature's Care on Instagram seen here