On the Edge of a Season

Spring just arrived and already it's feeling to me like we're on the edge of another season. The past few days the weather's been so nice, so warm, so close to summer that it got my head swelling with the kind of ripe anticipation usually left dormat till the end of May. This past Sunday I laid outback on an old cot getting some sun, thinking about our friends arriving from out of state - whom we've missed all year - here to spend the entire summer with our boys. Best long distance friends together again for the short stretch of 9 weeks where we seek to squeeze in as many endless (hourless) beach days and camp spots and bbq back yard gatherings and swimming pools and water gun fights as we possbily can. Where I can't help but get caught up in visions of these kids at dusk on the banks of our favorite beach to kick off the end of another school year by eating tacos from the grill and sending white paper lanterns into he sky lit by a tiny fire high enough to carry them into oblivion. 

9 weeks we work so hard to own the other 9 months out of the year we're stuck in school mode with tight laced routines and non stop duties and obligation. 

The countdown feel close. But until then we'll be busy wrapping up this Spring time, taking field trips and volunteering at all of the end of year events that come to claim most of my calendar in the last few weeks of school. Celebrating our kinder graduate, accompanying a first grader to the Wild Animal Park, chaperoning a 4th grade gold rush day on a makeshift western town unveiled on the wide green field used for kickball. Bidding farewell to the meek end of the El Nino season that never even warranted pulling rain boots from the rafters, or lining sandbags up the street to redirect water flow from the new housing development like we were all prepared for. 

In fact the rain days were few and far between, save for the misty morning spent visiting a high school farm with Rex's class last week to learn a thing or two about basic agriculture and kiss newborn goats from behind iron gate. Good stuff. All the last the season has to offer before we break loose and begin keeping time in richer ways that don't call for clocks, dates, or penciled in agendas. 
Summer time. So close I can taste it.