Shop UP L.A

When I recieved the invitation for the Shop Up L.A "bloggers brunch" put on by the Babycinco crew this past weekend I couldn't say yes fast enough. Sure I figured it would be a pretty event likely to draw out some familiar faces, as well as exquisite curation made up by a couple of my favorite kiddie shops, but really, I'll take any excuse for a sunny L.A brunch date when and however I can get it. So then let's not talk about the sad fact of exceptional traffic that stuck me Monday morning on a grossly clogged highway, stretching my typical 1 hour commute downtown to 3, causing me to miss that brunch all together, arrive an hour late - starving - and without a drop of coffee in my system (of which I had been dreaming of like a misty morning mirage those 3 hours alone there in the car, inching towards the entrance to the lovely Lombardi house) and instead, focus on the clothes.

Pop UP reflected exactly the vibe and aesthetic one would imagine from the Babycinco gals. Lined with booths by several brand's I was already familiar with as well as a few new ones I was happy to get acquainted with. I roamed around trying to spot people I knew (luckily, I found a couple) and chatted about new business with Plain Jane who's brilliantly basic nightgown shirt dresses are even sweeter in person. And talked fabric designs with Samara Mahendru of Muny Designs -  a line I was instantly smitten with because of the texture and bold gingham for both boys and girls and even came away with a two piece plaid outfit for Hayes to sport on his 2nd birthday next month. I also scored a cute wooden camera from Tiny Crane, and finally got to meet the ladies behind the beloved brand ARQ and Sollybaby oh whom I've only known (and adored) via email up until this point.

A lovely morning spent with amazing women full of inspiring endeavors. Just the thing I needed to help give me a boost of motivation to get our own new shop site up and moving sooner than later, which is rough considering how tired I've been and how hectic things are here just with regular life. Mike and I are working day and night, juggling business with home life and dropping the ball here and there on both ends sometimes in between. But reminding ourselves to keep our sights steady on the end result which I hope will prove well worth all the stress and work in the end. Details and updates I'll be sharing as the arise, here soon.

For now I'm off to separate and package a new stock of tees, iron boy scout uniforms for tomorrow's ranch archery event, assist with a kindergarten collage that was actually due today, check the contents of a crockpot that looks fairly promising, maybe squeeze in a run, and make it back in time for a quick shower before our dreaded tax appointment this evening. Which is likely to leave me in dire need of something stiffer than a hot latte. But hey, at leas it'll be over and done with.

In other random weekend news: Crafting Community is partnering with Milk and Bookies for a fun-filled day involving story time, scavenger hunts, costumes, books, and more in way of a good cause this coming Sunday afternoon, in downtown L.A - Link here

And if you're Orange Country based AND happen to be Merle Haggard fan who's feeling lonesome and blue about no sure plans for the night, Mike's band will be down at Mother's Bar in Sunset Beach Saturday night from 7-10pm with at least one Haggard tribute hour. I'm doing everything I can to make sure I'm there with a chilled mason jar in hand and peanut shells at my feet singing along, so come by and say hello if you're in the mood for cheap beer and a little honky tonk.