Back Yard Crew

One of the neatest things about the boys getting older is watching how much interest they take in their father's home projects and various hobbies. They want to surf and play music like him, and build things with their hands like they see him do. They aren't as keen on yard work (yet anyway) but have taken a special penchant for the collection of power tools stocked in our garage. An array of machines made for wood carving, metal sculpting, sanding and other endeavors I'm not nearly as informed on. Arlo made a wood planked swing for the tree that hangs on the end of our culdesac awhile back on his own after school one day and is currently teaching Leon about the basics behind carving little wood stumps into tikis which he gives as gifts to adoring family members. We have so many projects going at once that it's been nice to have them be part of some of them now that their skills are finally catching up with their enthusiasm.

The playhouse, like most things these days has become a group effort as well. Meaning we have the neighbor boys back there too in regular rotation helping out. They come over every after school to examine the progress and see what they can possbily assist with. Even Hayes is apt to get in there, mimicking the motions with a small rubber hammer and rightfully earned filthy hands. It's a classic nod to the ol' boy's club. And the rules of the space are quickly aligning.

We have have another couple days before the play house (or "Man Cave" as Rex naturally insists on) house will be open for hang outs, but it's coming along rather quickly considering they just started and halfway finished the bulk of it all on Sunday, with a full day this Friday to be devoted to left to tiring construction on the deck, wire ledge, ladder, roof, indoor built in, slide pipe pole, zip line, and lighting. All custom visions Mike came up with that we're all excited to see installed. As in typical Mike fashion, the plans keep growing bigger as he goes so he's also decided that he'll be making a sputnik style light modeled after the original one he use to own as a teenager that we later hung over the nook at our old house that I still regret ever selling. 

Once it's all complete the boys have agreed to grant me a full tour to share here. So long as I agree to learn the secret handshake it takes to enter the quarters anyway. It's complex, but hey, I'm determined.