Behind The Scenes / Shop House INhabit Studio Shoot

Last Friday we spent a long day shooting for the new shop at the Design LoveFest headquarters in the Art's District downtown in L.A.

A literal dreamscape for creatives, far more spacious than I guessed it to be based on her feed photos, with prime lighting and aged brick lined white walls paired with warm wood floors lining the whole 3,700 ft expanse of it, perfectly suited for teepee set ups that call for wider (brighter) angles. Even the pulley style antique elevator lends special allure to the entrance but the whole vibe is so inspiring that I came to wonder within a few minutes of being there how anyone even wants to go home at the end of a long glorious day in such a glorious building. Of course this is considering what my regular work conditions typically consist of: a makeshift desk upon a laundry riddled bed, or a sunny spot out back where I do my best to answer emails or write with a clear head from the picnic table under a big striped umbrella, dodging flies while trying to mentally block out all of the ruckus that ensues a few feet away from me wherever I go, regardless of the hour I'm in. I keep thinking I'll find the secret to making a more fruitful experience out of it but I've yet to succeed, even decently, in the matter so I've come to accept that it is just this hard. For the time being anyway. Peace of mind to write or create in is not a luxury I get to count on. So I don't. But that doesn't mean I can't complain about every now and again. In fact this very blog post came to fusion while stowed away atop their new playhouse, attempting to hide from the chaos below me. Constant pleas to "look at me!" as they shoot hot wheels from a plastic launch pad and throw dirt at one another in a planter not made for playing, while continually calling out for snacks I know we don't even have in stock.

It's a wild world, working from home but the only way I know so I'll keep the vision of that big airy studio in the forefront of my cluttered daydreams for now. Where flies don't bother you and children aren't eternally starving in your presence.

Product shots and styling has never been my forte so it was defiantly more work than I think I anticipated and took a whole lot longer than I had accounted for but having two friends with me on hand to help with set up cut my shooting time in half. And because we are also adding some vintage and limited stock clothing items to the new site I had Victoria there to model some of them which was fun to to focus on wardrobe styling for a change and who's impressive backside stole the show on my Snapchat that day where every message that rolled in alluded to how nice it looked in the high waisted jeans she was wearing. And yet she proved still somehow equally as enchanting while wearing the shapeless cotton jumpsuits we've got in slim stock as well, that I adore, but Mike questions every single time I out one on. In which he will usually ask one of the boys if I'm going out to fix cars in it. But never mind guys and current fashion, right?

After the shoot wrapped we met up with the lovely ladies of Doen at Bottega Louie for a late lunch where we instantly took to each of them and nearly forgot all about the pretty dresses they make and came instead to be most smitten with their sharp wit and easy humor proving the kind you take to strong and naturally. Women you feel lucky to lunch with. Who also happen to have killer style and a brand new brand to highlight fact of it.

All in all a full a productively packed day in L.A. divided handsomely between work and play. An afternoon that had me sweating with stress followed by an evening that unfolded on a hotel rooftop sharing Jalapeno margaritas with a friend we haven't seen in months. A sweet break from the regular grind. The sun beating down my laptop, the quarreling boys covered in dirt out back. The non stop chaos I call work space.

Regardless of how though, the shop will be open this month.
And I'll be sure to link it here when it does!