Doen Journal Feature

Feeling incredibly flattered to be included in the journal feature at Doen this month. A local (Los Angles) based company run by a few fabulous ladies I was lucky enough to befriend first by email then over lunch last month where I realized part of this brand's allure is largely due to the dynamic personalities behind it. Who's penchant for the sun soaked days of languid 70's Cali style is apparent in everything from the style muses they choose, to the edits they use, to the fabrics constructed. Staples being: breezy kaftans, laced rimed bell sleeves peasant blouses, clasic wrap dresses, linen tunics as well as the sweetest Mexicali poncho for babes. 

As of now my wardrobe has a few key pieces working in regular rotation. Though I hope to keep my collection growing as I know they are sure to become quick summer staples making the rounds from bbq, to pool, to beach, to desert and anywhere else we can manage in between. 

Thank you ladies, for your kind words and loving feature. I'll be sure and keep these pretty dresses properly entertained. Promise. And thanks too to my friend Denise Bovee for making this shoot quick and easy. Even in the midst of six soaking kids buzzing round us on a beach at sunset. And a dog who refuses to ever leave my side but especially if anyone's camera is involved. Good thing he's photogenic?

Journal Link HERE

Haye's little blue romper from Darling Clementine