On the Books

Occasionally I come across something so confounding I can't believe I've never heard, or seen it before. It happened this morning while casually browsing the web looking for suitable photos to restock for the Ma Books folder I keep to lend images to the pieces that are submitted. When I came across the work of Nick Hedges, I was bewildered by the fact of having no former knowledge of him. His story, and images working the hinges of my heart as I scrolled. Eventually forsaking laundry and emails as I fell down the rabbit hole of his imagery. But the more I read about him the more I learned how obscure he somehow remains. In light of such talent. Another mystery I'm left wondering about this afternoon. And likely the course of my hunt, should I gain another hour at some point today, to scour and browse where I left of.

In the meantime, I've posted an interview on The Ma Books today. For those of you who are clueless as me.

Warning, they are not the kind of images that every leave you.
At least they haven't me.