Open For Shop

It took a little longer than I thought, but so does everything these days. The good news is it's finally open and is exactly what I've always hoped our shop evolution might one day resemble. An eclectic mix of everything we love. Old and new. Hand made or hand plucked, folk based toys, second hand apparel, and home goods all crafted, stocked, and curated with love. A revolving host to the gems I hunt and things we make.

With only two days in, and nearly our whole stock sold out, I can't thank you enough for such a warm grand opening. Though I have to say, selling vintage carries a certain heart about it. So in some ways I find myself listing things I'm attached to and hoping the in the back of my mind they sell, or don't sell. It's a strange new feeling, but I look forward to getting better acquainted with it.

In the meantime, thanks for shopping with us.

For shop sneak peeks, news, discounts and updates you can follow along here.