Non "Mama" Feed Favorites

Judging by the regular content currently rotating my explore page on Instagram you would assume I am only interested in two things at this stage in life: breast feeding, and fitness. Literally it's all I see. I showed my friend the other day how silly this generic curation has become and she (a single, motherless woman) showed me hers in return which shocked me, seeing how much more varied her suggestions appeared to be in comparison to mine. Simply based on the fact that I have kids.

Her selections were art filled, obscure, even unexpected. Which got me thinking, what am I interested or seeking out on that old forum these days? Because clearly it isn't what they're guessing. Which I'm assuming is based on the majority of photos I share having kids in frame, and therefore making me an easy one to pin: newborns in bonnets, ladies nursing babies, and getting fit in the gym post birth, after the fact.

Not to say that all of these subjects aren't great and lovely in their own right, because they are. Of course they are. I would just appreciate a wider variety I suppose. In all honesty I could very well be getting burnt out on nipples attached to #bosomnector hashtags and sugar sweet images of newborns in sink baths. Tender as they are. Awful as I sound. I crave more. Which is what irritates me, that Instagram keeps me in such a narrow niche simply because I am a Mother. So much so that I have to actually work and dig at scoping out new visuals that exist on the outside fringes of the mainstream "Mama Phenomenon" currently eating up my whole explore page while Mike - and the single friend -have them thrown at them daily.

In small protest of these assumptions I gathered a few of my favorites feeds that don't have much (if anything) to do with motherhood at all. A handful that I adore at the moment that pertain to fashion, art, history, abstractions, renovations, prose, ect. Hope you enjoy the selections.

History Photographed
I'm late to the game on this one which is why I'm having so much fun catching up on old posts. Amazing shots of history documented. Photos of big stars I've never even seen before which is such a rarity now in the face of Pinterest & Tumbler.

Nancy Neil
Possibly my favorite photographer on Instagram. From what I can gage online, a mother to two boys with a new home in a remote corner of the Joshua Tree desert. Her feed ranges from fashion shots, to portraits, to landscape, home interiors, to band photos. Typically film based from what I can tell that are all at once cool, dark, seductive, confessional, and evocative and REAL. Every image I see from her is a cause for reflection because of how they make me feel something. She has a brave and unique eye. Every image makes me want to know more, about her. The settings. Her story and subjects. She also appears to have great taste in music and adventure which is cooly documented on the regular with her sons in tow using her custom made hashtag #sondays  - which I love.

Nico Nico WMN
I have never been able to adhere to uniformed color tone in my own feed but do admire those who do. And do it well. Nico Nico's new woman's line's feed offers a gorgeous gradient scope of color shots that seem to shift effortlessly as the photos grown and align. Beautiful clothes, fantastic inspo, and fine tuned feed color curation done right.

Helena Christensen
Aside from her notorious mark in the fashion industry as the supermodel we all grew up and in love with, she has some seriously cool tastes. I've always admired Helena's personal sense of style, as well as her photography work so I was delighted to find news of her popping up on IG a couple months ago where all of these fascists became publicly intertwined. I don't follow many celebrity accounts because for the most part they can be kind of a bore, but hers looks and feels like what she is. A talented lady, blessed with gorgeous bone structure and an affinity for fine art. One of my favorite follows I've found this year.

Anne Parker
Because she is, above all the rest, my favorite "stylist." As far as home decor and food is concerned, she's got my vote. Not only because of the cosy charm her feed offers but because she works with so much that is passed down, picked up and thrifted. Her style feels effortless but attainable. Which isn't simply based on tossing money at whatever pricey artisan goods are the "it" item of the season, but added and collected over time with love and care. And if I'm being honest, I never attempt to style or re style a room and not think to myself "what would Anne Parker do?"

Lily Stockman
Because she is hilarious. Has some sharp Emoji skills. Great taste in books and art. And fantastic flashback photos of her and her three sisters in matching Laura Ashley style get ups.

Folk Fibers
Where endless folk crafts and gorgeous quilt creations inspire me to want to get creative and "make something." Even if I know full and well it's not going to be half as cool as anything Maura Grace turns out.

The Platform Experiment
A home staging company that has some great decor tricks and ideas.

The Novogratz
Ok, this one is based on family but I love seeing a house full of older kids. And the Novogratz's are the essence of what I might deem #familygoals - if in fact I were ever going to. A big family, with a lot going on all the time. From their celebrations to vacations, to home renovation projects and graduations, I love it all. And always have. They're brief TV run on Bravo was one of my all time favorite reality shows and I've never quite gotten over why they weren't back for another season but then again we know plenty of great television fizzles out the same way. Needless to say, I was quite happy to stumble across them all on IG. Where I can fawn over they're big beautiful family in some realm, once again.

Overheard L.A 
Which I know I mentioned here before but bares repeating, if only due to today's post that reads like this:

"I think I'm going to travel for a while, just figure some stuff out."

"Like Eat, Pray, Love?"

"Sort of. But probably more like Binge, Beg, Fuck. " - Girl to friend. BBQ. Venice Beach.

Because we have a couple we need to renovate and sell. And the dream is for them to resemble something like ones we see here.

Alright, any feeds you're enjoying outside of the "Mamma" game on Instagram?