Friday, July 22, 2016

Joshua Treehouse

I always say three days is the magic number when it comes to being on vacation away from your kids. It's usually three days where I'm itching to get back home, missing them all like crazy. The chaos of home life, the plight of laundry, the reality of a two year old's boiling tantrums having been sweetly eclipsed by the peace of mind that comes with newfound rest. And wine, and uninteruppted conversations on long nights in a warm spa under a blanket of white stars and a full moon in Capricorn lighting up that endless desert sky.

I got away with a few ladies last weekend to the Joshua Treehouse, which Bri booked months in advance and proved just as incredible as it's Air B&B profile suggests. A stunning ode to modern desert decor done right. From the copper edged fire place to the tasteful selection of art, books, blankets and records, all the details feel well thought but still effortlessly "cool."And who doesn't love the idea of dual hanging rattan chairs in the living on vacation?

The prettiest place to nap and talk, and dance. And connect with ladies. And to rest your head long enough to miss home. For good. For real.
Three days. It's all it takes.


  1. Nothing like a little rejuvenation. Good for you. The desert is such a perfect place to lay down your troubles. Those wide open spaces are conducive for that. My sis has a place in Estrella, Arizona and I make it a point to climb the Star Tower when I'm there. I always get this feeling of exhilaration when I'm up at the top looking out at the night sky, surrounded by silence, stars, cactus and hills cut against the wondrous desert backdrop. Nothing quite like it.

  2. Far out - how good is it staying at a place with great furniture, art & music when you're old & can't be bothered hustling for a scene!? This place looks amazing. Much deserved X