Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Stuck ON

The golden age of Lauren Canyon's great musical past. I've been slightly obsessed this summer reading how it all came about and the infamous folks linked to it's hey day. I came across a Vanity Fair article this morning on a rare solo coffee shop excursion and just had to share. The reflections in it are so telling. So intriguing, insightful and funny. Check it out when you get a change. The "Rock Snob" video is so good I watched it twice. And now I can't stop thinking about Carol King's cat named "Telemachus."

For instance, Joni Mitchell remembers
"My dining room looked out over Frank Zappa's duck pond, and once when my mother was visiting, three naked girls were floating around on a raft in the pond. My mother was horrified by my neighborhood. In the upper hills the Buffalo Springfield were playing, and in the afternoon there was just a cacophony of young bands rehearsing. At night it was quiet except for cats and mockingbirds. It had a smell of eucalyptus, and in the spring, which was the rainy season then, a lot of wildflowers would spring up. Laurel Canyon had a wonderful distinctive smell to it."

The full article, with plenty more famous singer songwriter reflections found HERE 


  1. Aaaah...heaven! I so want to go to there right now, as I foolishly offered up to host a theater camp at my house for 12 kids to write and create an original play in one week. Made me think you may be one of the only other people crazy enough to offer up such a thing, especially since you have the perfect backyard for it! At least I have a soundtrack to listen to while my eye twitches and my hair falls out in clumps. ;)

  2. This is so awesome. I am mentally recalling all my Mitchell and CSNY albums. Now, I want to go home and sit around and play them. Very cool to hear how CSNY came to sing together, " I just remember in my living room the joy of them discovering their blend." - that gave me the chills. Oh, to be there to see that.