Writer's Room

I've always been endlessly intrigued by work studios and art sheds. Spaces carved out solely to feed creative construction. Which is why the NY times series "A Writers Room" has become such a gem.

I was delighted to find Emma Cline detailed recently in her makeshift garden shed turned studio, considering it's where she wrote her first novel "The Girls" - which I finally finished this weekend. After midnight up top in a wind creaked Topanga cabin loft where my imagination (fired by the gruesome ending of the Manson themed storyline) kept trying to spook me. In the end I got up and locked all the windows. Turned out all but one light and ultimately took a walk to the outdoor bathroom to find relief in seeing the other homes on the lot had been filled and the premise wasn't nearly as secluded and remote as I had drawn it up in my head the night before. Only proving that a good book, in the right setting, on a quiet night, can still get my head turning just like when I was 10.

Full Studio tour HERE