Recovering from a mystery virus that hit me hard yesterday afternoon and landed me in bed for the past 24 hours. Body aches, fever, shooting stomach pains and headache. Where I was reminded of the worst part is not being sick when you're a mother, but all the things still expected of you when you are. And then there are the weird traces of my internet searchings while fevering. Example: "What was really in Marcelles Wallace's briefcase?" - and - "First signs of Zika virus"

Enthralled with The Treehouse Movement feed on Instagram that features a variety of exotic treehouses all over the world = the best visual escape. The one pictured is called a "free sprit sphere." Which is an inhabitable sphere that will gently rock it's guests to sleep to the rhythm of the Vancouver forest while suspended 10 - 15 feet above ground.

Looking Forward to starting "Stranger Things" on Netflix tonight after dinner. I've been hearing great things so I'm excited to delve into another quality late night show with a healthy dose of eighties nostalgia attached to it.

Reading Lauren Canyon - after a friend recommended it to help feed my summer canyon obsession. So far I'm hooked. But, I left my copy in Topanga so I'm kicking myself for having to find or buy it again. In the meantime I've been reading Gram Nash's autobiography which illuminates the same place and era but only a few chapters in has me wishing I'd left this book behind instead of the one I did.

Hoping to make it to this exhibit in Perishing Square with the boys before it's leaves August 11th.

Counting on a relaxing weekend at the beach. This being our last camp trip before school starts up again. How that's possible I don't know.

Contemplating this subject which asks if you can be a fan of Woody Allen films and not a fan of the man himself. If art can be detached from the artist. All the things I now debate whenever a new Allen Film comes out. You can read Ronan Farrow's most recent letter on the subject here

Searching tropical places to spend out ten year anniversary in September. We're torn between Tulum and Hawaii so if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE help us decide.

Planning a long overdue dinner & movie date some point this week to watch this movie I've been dying to see since I caught wind of the trailer a couple weeks ago.

Dreading last minute school shopping for three.