Trying to convince my family (and maybe even parts of myself) of the perks that come with country living. We looked at another house this weekend in a remote corner of the canyon that included a wonky bridge and dirt road leading up to the property. As well as a "community chicken coop," roof top garden, and nice sized garage for all of Mike's "projects" that have to be accounted for anytime we consider a relocation. The relator helping us lives in the lot below and informed us of how tight knit the neighbors there are. Bearing tales of annual Valentine brunches, off beat Halloween fests, welcome potlucks, and progressive dinner parties which set my heart all a flutter envisioning living in a town that sounds like Mayberry married Twin Peaks, and probably sold me harder than the luxury pantry off the side of the kitchen that needs to be gutted.

Organizing my collection of old books to add to the shop this week. A heartfelt severing considering how painfully attached I am to anything I own in print. Always have been always will be. But it's a process. And I'm learning.

Settling into the new school year routine. Sandwich assembly line in the morning, laundry piled to my neck by night. Bed time so far has been the hardest. Reeling in the hour when they are still use those stretched late summer nights. Things have actually been a littler smoother than I expected. Which, of course, came as a lovely surprise. Six hours (three I keep for myself while Hayes naps) feels like a dream when I try and remember the last time I had so much time carved out for myself on a regular basis. I'm still not as productive as I'd hoped. But that might be it's own life long feat.

Drinking Ballast Point. On hot summer weekends like everyone else right now seeing how it's the only IPA I can tolerate, even enjoy. My brother in law swears by the pineapple version but I've yet to come across it yet so for now, the Sculpin though is working just fine for me.

Planning Leon's 8th birthday party beach bash. Which still floors me. Thinking how quickly 8 years has arrived. Especially seeing how all those months spent on bed rest, weighed by worry during that pregnancy, really doesn't seem like it was that long ago. This year he's requesting a new bike as his gift. To keep up with the crew of boys who walk (or ride or skate) to school with us every morning.

Looking into acupuncture. To help mend the cycle of migraines I've been battling this past year. A topic I'm hoping to flesh out in greater detail here soon. I swear health and wellness takes on a whole meaning in your 30's. So I have a three part series I keep hoping to finish but timing is always the issue. . .

Clearing out the house to ready it for a listing on the market. Day by day, tossing, donating, weeding through. Mostly clothing, which always proves a stupid amount of clutter when you finally force yourself to deal with it. Speaking of which, I haven't forgotten about the wardrobe capsule follow up - I just need more time addressing it. Clothing can be such a strange and emotionally charged thing, it's never as easy to eliminate as we expect. But I'm doing better. And taking notes on what I cling to and what I over buy. Results should be amusing when I'm through. If only because of the college era section I was forced to face this week. Lots of mistakes to fess up to. The ghosts of 2004 - exposed soon.

Hoping for a beach trip this weekend and the mountains soon there after. One with the Rv and one in the Airstream. To give them both proper attention. And remind them that on regular weeks we still neglect them both the same.

Loving the new Aldi grocery store that opened up near our house! It's like Trader Joe's cheaper, duller sister, and it's AMAZING. Even if I have to pay a quarter to use their shopping carts.

Praying this August heat wave lets up soon. The humidity is hard on my hair. I know it because when we were all watching the Janis Joplin documentary on Netflix two boys remarked how she and i had the "same exact" hair. Mine though, not on purpose. . .