Best of the Web

The kids are out of school today so we're working our hardest to get out of the house early enough to escape the high temps headed our way this afternoon, but I wanted to stop by and thank readers here who voted for this site in Red Tricycles "Best of the Web" awards running this month. It's a great honor to even be included and word is House Inhabit is now in the top three, so I wanted to extend sincere gratitude for those of you responsible for it.

If you haven't voted and still care to, this is the last week to do so.
*Link provided here

I'll also be back later in the day to share some shots of a dreamy afternoon spent drinking wine and swooning over an array of cheese platters on the stunning cliffs of Malibu Saturday at One Gun Ranch, were I seriously left regretting the fact that Sunset Magazine isn't in charge of directing all of my weekend plans this way.

In real time, back to cleaning out a filthy van in order to pile in 6 kids on a real mission to feed some llamas after lunch.

Happy Monday!

- photo by Ashely Jennett