Camp Sunset

If you overlook the good hour we spent worrying that our wardrobe selections might be too "farmerish" while weaving aimlessly around the sliced roads of Malibu Canyon (in a big white Econoline van - slightly too big for those luxury lanes anyway) trying to make our way to the party on time without cell reception to aid us in the journey, and far too many stunning modern mansions to keep full focus intact, the afternoon we spent this past weekend with Sunset Magazine in celebration of their latest book, Camp Sunset, was nothing short of perfect.

A mid day event hosted by Shiva Rose, Heather Taylor and Heather and Blake Mycoskie
with a set up consisting of three enormous Under Canvas teepees towering there on the breezy cliff sides of One Gun Ranch, a sprawling biodynamic farm thriving on some of the richest real estate this side of so cal, where horses are grazing happily on the sidelines, a donkey named Waffle can be found roaming the grounds in search of food to steal from your plate to snack on, an airstream is parked in the corner, and two acoustic guitar players W warm up to serenade you while you pile your plate with an array of locally forged goods from Eagle Rock's beloved Auntie Em's Kitchen & Catering with founder / chef Terri Whal on site prepping meals arranged on tables so pretty even Martha Stewart would swoon.

We ate, we drank, we crafted custom canvas knapsacks courtesy of TOMS, mingled and generally just sat enjoying the scenery in the crisp sunlight of a lovely Saturday afternoon that didn't involve a grip of kids swarming around us to scold, wrangle or entertain. I was relived to find that I can still engage in full and complete sentences, when given the opportunity. Which, as you can imagine, isn't all that often.

My only lingering regret being that the good folks at Sunset Magazine aren't in charge of directing more of my weekend happenings. Because from now on, I think I would prefer all my cocktails come dressed with fresh green garnishes, and tables lined with brass and gingham. And a side of oceanside landscape paired with a picnic doesn't hurt either. 

The book is chalk full of all kinds of handy camping tips and top notch grilling recipes we've come to expect from Sunset, and I'm certainly inspired to try a few of them out this season when our camping trips switch from the beaches to mountains. As well as try and amp up our table set ups next chance we have for a gathering. Though I'm quite certain I may never get wild flowers in a mason jar or jam on my blue cheese and fig plate to ever look that damn good. 

By the end of it we were sorry to go but freshly inspired by our time at the Ranch. Thank you, Sunset Magazine, for such a lovely time filled with food, wine, music and conversation. A blissful way to spend the last Saturday of September. Just before a new month sets in to expire the last of our favorite season.

Additional event contributors 

Flowers: Jonie Noe Style

Found Vintage Rentals (furniture and decor)

- Heather Taylor Home (Linens: Table runners and napkins)

The Ark (tabletop---copper mugs, bone silverware etc.)

Valerie Confections (Durango cookies sandwiched roasted marshmallows for gourmet s'mores)

Drinks: Pressed Juicery and West Side Wine Co.

- Gifts also included: Three Jerks Jerkey