Notes of Interest


 One of the points I’m making in the book is that, whoever you’ve been and wherever you’ve been, it never leaves you,” he said, expanding upon this thought with the most Springsteen-esque metaphor possible: “I always picture it as a car. All your selves are in it. And a new self can get in, but the old selves can’t ever get out. The important thing is, who’s got their hands on the wheel at any given moment?” - words of wisdom straight from the Boss himself. Who's long standing car metaphor he's managed to claim so impressively as his own along the way. Obviously I can't wait for the autobiography (soon to be released) but also feel equal anticipation for October's Vanity Fair issue with him on cover, shot by Annie Leibovitz. As I can already say, based on this photo and others I've stumbled along in the past, his home decor ranks higher than any I've seen on Pinterest in a good long while. Because basically, Bruce rules at life. 

- "Nothing diminishes. Perhaps that is the greatest surprise, the private thrill of monogamy. All this time, all this life, all this love swells to make us better. Longing still rushes in the right direction & sometimes threatens to spill over, but we thrive in it’s wild tide. With our quiet gestures no one would know how hungry we are but a shared space still buzzes with our magnetism, albeit tamed in lieu of the most beautiful little obstacles.And suddenly we learn to live with this bridled lust, to crave it even so when we are finally alone the heart rushes in an uncontrolled torrent."From the latest piece on The Books by Luana Holloway, who never fails to astound me with her talent for breathing so much life into the brief span of these blog posts. Her ability to cut straight through the outer skin of such complex emotion, cycled through the mundane aspects of our daily lives, is a gift to us all. Please stop by and have a read. 

- Still digesting some grim facts on Fast Fashion linked on Facebook by my friend Christina. 

- Still smiling about this Target worker's viral diary. Did you guys read yet? I thought it was great and am now kicking myself for not keeping one of my own, during my short lived gig as an Olive Garden food server. Because man, the stories I could tell ...

- Missing 90's Kate, on the daily now thanks to this site.

- Speaking of which, how fun is it to read these designers sharing a bit about their debut collections over at The New York Times

- 100 percent behind any and all reasons to be barefoot as a kid. Or adult for that matter. I still live 78 percent of my life without shoes. And I have the cracked heels and happy soul to show for it.  

- Currently scouring the web for tips on keeping a toddler in bed. So scratch any credibility I gained from the post I shared a couple months boasting about my knack for creating and maintaining sleep strict routines in this house. Hayes just became an out of crib climbing bedtime mad man. And if I weren't so tired right now I'd probably share a little more about it. 

Maybe next week.