Sun Potion Smoothie

The thing about doing the occasional sponsored post, is that any brand or company you tag or share on social media thereafter is easily dismissed as some kind of paid partnership. Which isn't always the case. And certainly not so with my recent push for Sun Potion. A new line of transformational foods I discovered last month and have been using regularly ever since. I tried the Tocos version first because it's vanilla flavor making it an easy addition to coffee and smoothies (both of which we consume daily in this house) The info on site names Tocos as "the most famous as a super rich source of fat-soluble natural vitamin E & D and is widely recognized as being exceptional for connective tissue and skin. Vitamin E is also important for healthy muscle function." Stating that "Research studies suggest that Vitamin E has numerous health benefits. Vitamin E is thought to  play a role in preventing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases (heart disease and stroke) due to its effects on a number of steps in the development of athersclosis (e.g. inhibition of LDL oxidation, inhibition of smooth muscle cell proliferation,inhibition of platelet adhesion, aggregation and platelet release reaction)"

I'm hoping to try a couple other of the super foods variations soon. But for now we're pretty stuck on this version smoothie as a tasty mid day snack.
Current Blend Being:
2 ripe bananas 
a handful of cashews 
a spoon full of chia seeds
a dash of honey
ice & almond milk
1 generous spoon full of organic peanut butter
2-3 scoops of Tocos

And please forgive this boy's filthy fingernails. This particular smoothie came as reward for his hard work helping plant flowers out back with dad.