Pinner Test

I had a friend over a few weeks ago who declined a delicious fresh (local market) ceviche dish at lunch, explaining how her love of seafood had to be severed ever since results of a blood test showing a variety of seafood intolerances, showed up as the main foods plaguing her system. Which led to a discussion about the sensitivities with certain foods and how they seem to grow more apparent with age. She told me she had taken the "Pinner Test" a year prior and explained that by sending in a couple tiny drops of blood, the results that showed up changed her overall health and well being once she began eliminating them. She said that prior to the test had no idea she might be intolerant to seafood. And yet her regular bouts of stomach aches and other skin related issues disappeared once she stopped eating them. A test she assured me was quick, simple, and well worth the money.

Later that night I realized that Pinner Test sounded familiar, so I looked up the phrase in my email archives and lo and behold, found a year old invitation to try a kit out in exchange for a review in my inbox. I wrote apologizing for lack of response and expressed my interest in working with them after my conversation with my friend peaked my intrigue. I explained how much I had been struggling to pin point certain foods in my own diet - desperate to figure out what exactly was making me feel generally lousy on a regular basis. I'd tried a half assed attempt at food journaling and eliminations in the past but realistically it's so hard to keep track of the things we are consuming in the rush of every day life. So hearing simple blood work might be a quick alternative, I was eager to jump on board.

As far as my personal issues are concerned, the of my majority of them seemed to arise shortly after I had Hayes, where I felt as if the whole chemistry of my body started to shift. Whether that was linked to my age, or my hormones, I wasn't sure. I just knew that foods I've been able to eat my whole life without any issue suddenly became triggers for all kinds of new health ailments I never associated them with before. The negative effects I was enduring and the lack of energy I was existing on after I turned 35 were enough for me to want to make big changes, in whatever way I could to help over turn the course of my lasting health and wellness. I was having an increase in migraine headaches - which I've suffered most of my life to varying degrees - way more frequently than ever before, my allergies had gotten considerably worse, and my general tolerance for beer and wine became totally unpredictable, to the point that I could not longer count on feeling ok after a beer or two because the following day I was left dealing with extreme bloating, headaches, sinus issues, and insomnia. Same effects with wine, which seemed too to be a little more hit or miss with how my body was processing it. In short, I had to double think a few of the things I love the most. Cocktails, cheese, and the heavenly late night slice of pizza at the end of a long weekend. An indulgence these days I sadly have to skip altogether due to how awful I feel the next day.

My kits came within a week of ordering so I took it along with Mike and Leon since I figured it would be good to get the three of us out of the way seeing how I know we are most sensitive in the family. I pricked Leon first (he was fine) then me, then Mike (who was more fearing of that tiny plastic needle pop then a 7 yr old) I sent all three off and our results returned via email in 10 days, as promised. Where some of the items highlighted I was entirely suspecting, and a few I had never even second guessed as a main staple in my day to day diet. With the levels under "Reaction" ranging from +1 (low reaction) +2 (moderate reaction) and +3 (high reaction)

Our results looked like this

Leon came up intolerant for two:
Gluten (+2)
and Potatoes (+3)

Mike Three:
Tomatos + 3
Wheat + 2
Vanilla + 2

And Me With the Most, at Four:
Egg Yolk +2
Garlic +2
Chilli Pepper +3
Yeast +2

Mike was quick to point out that as much as he loves tomatoes he has always been badly affected by them fueling serious heartburn as far back as he could remember. Something he ignored for years and likely part reason for the ulcers he's dealt with in past years as a result.

The women I spoke to at Pinner told me how commonly children's results are mirrored by their parents (because of the plain fact of DNA) so seeing that we both show negative reactors to wheat and yeast makes Leon's issues with gluten a fairly standard fact. And not surprising in the least. We took gluten out about three years ago and can easily note the difference in him when he lapses around the holidays. Potatoes though, he was not happy to hear made the list.

As for me, I was most shocked by garlic. I mean, garlic it's the mainstay in all of my seasonings and marinades so pulling it out entirely isn't going to be easy. And I doubt I'll do so entirely. But I'll definitely be more sparse in how and when I use it.

Yeast I was already suspecting so the confirmation was all I needed to work towards fully pulling it from my diet. A feat that's proving a little harder than I thought. In light of the results though, we're just now beginning to fine tune the foods we're buying, cooking, stocking and consuming on a regular basis. Leon is already adjusted to a non wheat diet so now we're working on limiting potatoes, and all yeast based products too. Once we've gone a few weeks with these new restrictions in place I'll be back here with some updates on results.

In the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone else notices a change in the way our body breaks down / digests / processes foods as we get older? And if so, what changes have you made in your diet, what dietary tips do you swear by, and what benefits have come as result?

- Find More Info on The Pinner Test HERE

*photo from Nancy Neil's Instagram