5th Grade Talent

skate boarding from Mrs. Habit on Vimeo.

I've been so flustered this week, trying to climb my way out of the utter destruction surrounding me, post Halloween weekend, so you can probably imagine my reaction to hearing - late in the evening of course - that Arlo's "talent" project was due in class the following day.

Originally he planned on playing a guitar solo for in front of his fellow classmates, or sharing a special skate trick on the black top outside but with his right arm newly broken arm, both of those options went straight out the window (Of all the crazy stunts he pulls he goes and breaks an arm throwing a football of all things, during a flag game with the principal. Turns out though a small cyst in the bone of his humerus caused it to snap that easily. A fact that initially terrified me but that I later learned is fairly common with kids his age. And now nearly two weeks in the poor kid is going stir crazy not being able to do much of anything he loves, which is why we decided the video a "best of" or sorts was the next best thing.)

The fun part of it was I realized I needed to stop stressing in edit mode, that skate videos - by tradition - are suppose to be a little raw and choppy so I once I gave in and let go of the fine turning that tends to typically slow me, and just sliced together what videos we could gather on his phone, mine and Mikes, it came together on it's own. Arlo picked the song and helped choose what shots to include and even though I'm use to seeing him out there shredding on a daily basis, it is still so amazing to see how good he's really gotten as evidence in these shots.

Fingers crossed we snag that A and he's back out in the bowls that he loves with a healed arm and recharged appetite for the sport at the start of next year.