Scenes From a Weekend / Mercardo Segrado

I'm going to pretend for a minute that every extra hour of my time since last Tuesday has not been spent trying my best to digest news of this election. Meaning long conversations and phone calls with friends. Navigating heated debates springing up in every corner of the Internet boons I visit on the daily. And then, in the midst of it all, trying to process the heavy news of Leonard Cohen's death. Trying to accept that he isn't even here on the planet anymore to sooth the aching pieces of my heart that find solace in knowing that at least in the face of this new frightful tide we still have all the big dreamers and poets and visionaries on our side. Word of his passing rocked me to my core. So much so that I ended up busting into tears over a grilled shrimp salad on my birthday. And went to bed with a six year old from his room offering condolences in the way of "I'm sorry Leonard Cohen died on your birthday, Mom." Hours after he woke me with a handmade card and "I'm sorry Donald Trump won on your birthday, mom." Because kids, they get it.

Anyway, it's been a rough few weeks. Prior to all of this all kinds of other stresses were piling up so I'm here, doing my best to share a few things I've been behind on. Halloween even - I still plan on posting. But because everything else on my mind is heavy and more somber than usual - Yes, I have more coming on politics and how it's playing out in twisted dynamics on social media. And yes I've been writing a sprawling love letter to Leonard in my head since his passing - I figured I should maybe get a few fun photos from two weeks ago out of the way from the Mercardo Segrado event we carpooled to in Malibu. Honestly, I wish I had more to report on but truth is, we didn't actually venture away from the lunch benches enough to fully examine it. We didn't even shop! Or browse much either. So what I can say is that chilled white wine and a picnic on a Sunday (anywhere really) with friends is always a "terrific" idea. And that the Paramount Ranch is adorable but felt sparsely spread out and even slightly disjointed. The food was super healthy and there were lots of pretty dresses and handsome bearded folk populating the crowds but other than that it proved just a good excuse to sit and laugh with some ladies in the shade with Rose spotting models and eyeing antique rugs. Oh and Hayes got nipped on the forehead by a mean scraggly little dog (who's owner didn't even check to see if he was ok - not the one pictured here) and then was later tripped (accidentally) (twice) by Erin Wassen on our way out.

So there you have it.
Hopefully my reporting skills will heal quicker than my faith in humanity.

In the meantime. I'll to do my best to find some kind of balance in cursing the system and mourning the awful timing of losing my forever favorite Ladies Man.