On the Books

Getting to know a little bit about our favorite elusive writer behind some of the most powerful pieces published on the Ma Books, Ina Shry, via my favorite feature "20 Questions" up now.

Number ten makes me so happy.

10. As for writing – you seem quite prolific – has it always been a passion of yours?
I am restlessly creative. And while I’d been told by just about every English teacher and professor I’ve studied under that I should find an audience for my writing, the readership never revealed itself until I stumbled upon the beautiful stories on The Ma Books. I felt perhaps this was a community I could find a way to give to. What I find missing online about our collective experience as mothers is really offering up the hard stuff and how we work through it, which is a void I hope my writing can fill gracefully. I contribute here because I think The Ma Books has an unparalleled balance of our joys, struggles, pain, and beauty. I encourage anyone reading this that has something picking at their brain to share that they are invaluable to us as a whole- let’s keep this gathering place full of stories and history.

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