Introducing Morning Light Gift Studio

My friend Kate has always had a serious knack for gift giving. Which I've probably mentioned fact of here before. And the reason her latest endeavor, a meticulously curated online gifting box shop, comes as great news for those of us who tend to struggle a bit in that area. Especially this time of year, when we all know the holiday gift dilemmas can really pile up.

Each of the boxes offered by Morning Light are a perfect combination of whimsy, aroma, texture, and practicality. With themes ranging from exotic salts, to locally sourced honey, tea, incense, textiles, and ceramics. All items pulled from the small (beloved) shops she adores most, with names as enduring as "Beaded Man" "Take it Easy" "One More Cup of Coffee" and my personal favorite: "I Love You Anyway."

In honor of the grand opening Morning Light Studios is offering free shipping for all orders placed up until Monday. So drop by, have a look & maybe take advantage for a friend deserving. I know I have a few in mind already.

Welcome to the web Morning Light.

*Additionally, Morninglight is committed to providing a portion of sales to the Sierra Club, the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.