Obsessed with this little charcoal face scrub my friend sent me as a gift last week. Also available on Amazon with rave reviews attached. I've only been using it for a few days but so far I'd say it's living up to the hype.

Inspired by the super simplistic Tasty recipes I've been book marking on Facebook since deciding after the new year to dedicate this season to more regular cooking endeavors. I know Tasty is nothing new on the scene but I'm guilty of ignoring these handy videos for way too long so once I sat down and gave them a chance - choosing which ones to tackle first I was hooked. Now I'm wondering how I ever managed to feed anyone before them. So much fun!
Here's a handful of what I've made so far with some salmon and shrimp dishes on menu for next week:

Delicious Sweet Fries
Parchment Baked Chicken
Mediterranean Salad
Pesto Chicken

Proud of my friends Kate and Ellen for debuting the most beautiful new site dedicated to documenting the renovation of their latest airstream project, and downsizing in general, and tips on how to make the jump towards living smaller and with less "stuff." Which most of us could use a hard lesson in right? I watched their podcast last night and it was just what I needed to dust of my own inspirations in regards to our own two trailers. One of which will become a second home should we sell our house before summer. Anyway, check it out!

Gearing Up For 

Smitten with this tour of Virginia Woolf's home

Considering living in these pants through Spring

Dodging all requests for another round of Pie Face - dual edition that the boys got for Christmas - at least until next week. Because my counter tops need a break.

Wearing these thermal onesies I bought on sale last week. When it dips below 65 I can't, get, out, of 'em.

Enjoying my return to The Ma Books. I took a brief hiatus from all social media until I could catch my breath after the holidays and it's been so nice to get back and find new voices and story submissions in my email. Torunn Kim's resolutions (which I posted yesterday) is especially great if you haven't yet read it.

Watching Mr. Robot - a series I picked semi randomly after a slew of quality recommendations came in last weekend while I was sick in bed pondering where to sink my poor stinging sight into. If you're running short on shows - read through this post's comment section and jot down like 20. *also, I have to confess that in spite of all the hype happening right now I think OA ended very badly. It left me frustrated and essentially killed the whole vibe of the show for me. Anyone else?

- Photo of the Modern Caravan pulled from their site.