I've written here before in regards to my own personal dilemmas with Woody Allen and his films as well as engaged in many conversations on the topic with others, friends, who love his work the way I do but have taken a respected stance to not support him by forsaking viewership of anything he releases. I've done the same, up until recently anyway, when I realized how much I miss (in specific) Diane Keaton in these movie roles. In giving up his work I was giving her up her work too and I couldn't help how much I missed watching her in these old movies. Last night I caved. I had never seen Interiors in it's entirety. A bleak, Freudian tinged portrait of a family faltering alongside a mentally ill mother, a roving father, and the complicated bond between three grown sisters who are all juggling their own life issues, stuck with the kinds of resentments that plague adult children still harboring life long jealousies.  

The movie is slow and melancholy in tone. The colors are soothing and the wardrobe and interior design is neutral and alluring but the end of it left me feeling incredibly heavy and sad. Probably the last thing I needed to watch in the midst of my regular January blues settling in during a month I like least, where the weather and timing always tends to get me down. 

Though I did enjoy this little footnote on youtube detailing 10 things we "didn't know" about Interiors. And on the bright side the film did inspire me to dust off the old turtleneck collection. In fact I'm wearing one now as I type. 

Next up though, something lighter. 
Something funny. After that last ocean scene I could surely use it.