Scenes From a Weekend

A spontaneous overnighter in the desert to watch our favorite local band play Pappy and Harriet's this past Saturday in our best attempt to break up the bleak streak of these dim January weekends. A full 24 Hours we spent holed up in that handsome little airstream, cleaned up and reworked, watching the sunsets paint a cactus dotted skyline hot pink from our window seat, and the slow roll of childless camping reminding us of just how easy life was 12 years ago, before the boys. When we could decide on a whim to have dinner out, or nap in the middle of the afternoon, as opposed to what camping has become today - a revolving toss of scolding, feeding, washing, arming, dressing and rearming. Hard but always worth it. Filthy but freeing. And still the very best way I can think to unleash four boys onto the world without the threat of real destruction at your doorstep. 

We drank, we ate, hung with friends and rambled around that weird flea market in the morning where we scored four records for a dollar and me an old flannel lined Wrangler jacket far warmer than it looks. 

Exactly what we needed. To get away and recharge in the cold crisp air of that sweet Joshua Tree flat spot. Which we promised to head back to before winter's end. Next time, bearing the whole crew in tow.