Week In Review

Hard to believe how long this week (for one reason or another) is already feeling. And to think, it's only Friday. 

- Last Saturday, as word of our house falling out of escrow surfaced via email we were encouraged to open it up for another women who was "very interested" (on a last minute notice "walk through" with a showing that ended up sitcom worthy as far as absurdity is concerned) For instance, an overprotective dog who tried to intimidate her by barking viciously (as much as a short poodle can) the entire time she was here, and the whole lighting in our backyard going black the moment she wandered outside to check out the yard, in addition to exploding fire logs bursting open flames (which has never happened before!) onto the lounge area where we were all gathered, causing a frenzy of children to leap out of their seats to the grassy patches below for safety. A neighbor who came to check on us after seeing additional sparks shooting furiously from our main chimney. In other words, one mild catastrophe after another which became so ridiculous we got to a point where couldn't stop laughing. Good news is, she must have a sense of humor because she put an offer in (much higher) than the one we initially accepted the following morning. Which apparently means we're moving. Soon. Where, and when, is still to be determined. Trying not to stress over that one but...

- Sunday, a small dinner with family and a few friends in honor of Rex's 7th birthday. Chicken and steak and ice cream and cake for a boy who's still bitter over not getting a bird as a gift but willing to forgive us in lie of stickers and legos serving as temporary supplements. 

- Mid week included much of the regular. School lunches, homework, skate parks, music lessons, wrestling, biting, failed potty training attempts, one week long disabled iPod, and hospital scare for my mom, a student of the month award for Leon (most respectful) as well as two lost teeth resulting in frantic cash hunts at 11:30 at night, just as the tooth fairy should be readily drifting off (had she been more prepared for such events) Regular life events wedged sweetly in between real world news events that permanently have my head spinning and my heart aching. The ban, the wall, the lies, threats and tweets. The horrors at this point that come daily with the likes of Conway, Bannon, DeVos and their intentions, that can hardly outweigh the glory that is other news: Beyonce twins, Oprah's prime time return, and a viral video of 65 zookeepers in China hugging panda bears for a group photo. Yet still the world turns. 

- Thursday lunch I spent in downtown Pomona (which is so much cuter than I knew!) where we talked about how to stay connected and active in resistance. A helpful hour I gained new insight and access to a Facebook group she started to share articles, info, points of action and donation. Much needed considering just how hard it is to get caught up with kids and tight schedules and put the reality of all this ugly political stuff on the back burner. Hopefully some of you are finding similar means of support. 

- An end of week late night movie date with Denise finally got us to the theater last night just before LaLa Land up and disappears. Of which my review remains meager but approving. Pretty settings,  a classic love note to L.A, with good chemistry between the two of them and effective emotional tackling of how we all feel about "the one that got away" - but a little "sadder" than I expected. Still well worth the money. Maybe not as amazing as the hype suggests, but good. And in my case, better seen without the husband in tow. Like I had planned last month. But fell through. Thankfully. Seeing how similar musical themed movies have played for us on date nights in the past. 

- Up ahead, a Boy Scout event where cooking chili and pancakes is the main agenda. An overnight trip to Santa Barbara at a cute hotel with a few friends in a celebration of a birthday. A whole lot of cleaning up, clearing out, and I guess, at some point, thoughts on packing. 

For now though, a loving link to the Doen Journal highlighting some of the sentiments behind a few women who marched last month in protest. A good and valuable read that I'm proud to be included in. 

Cheers, to Friday. 
And surviving it all the best we know how.