Friday, March 3, 2017

35 Things Our Kids Will Miss Out On

I came across another version of this list on Facebook last week and had to tweak it just a bit to add my own take on it because it's just too much fun to sit and consider all the extinct aspects of growing pains that are now long forgotten.

Feel free to add more in comment section below.

1. The thrill of Blockbuster on Friday night (and the heat ache of intended flicks being sold out) and forever big eyes for the ever changing row of "NEW RELEASES"

2. Call waiting. And, "waiting" In general . . .

3. The blood sweat and tears that go into mixed tapes for the loved ones you hope will cherish it.

4. TV Guide

5. A ninth planet

6. The high that comes with seeing your note makes it ALL the way across the classroom without being confiscated.

7. The cow themed box of a new gateway computer

8. The God awful sound of a busy signal bleating a phone line

9. Finding friends in the phone book

10. The art of the encyclopedia

11. The stress in trying to save yourself (and a wagon full of kids you acquired) along the Oregon Trail.

12. Prank calls with no strings (or tracking) attached

13 Taking your film to be developed and finding that 90 percent of your photos are blurry are just no good.

14. Waiting an hour to download one song (illegally) on your parents computer

15. Videos on MTV

16. Scrounging spare change for pay phones at the movie theater to assure your parents you lived through Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

17. Camping out for concerts that sell out regardless

18. The horror of an Unrewond VHS

19. Getting lost with printed directions from Map Quest

20. Getting the last number wrong on a landline phone

21. The fickle fact of TV antennas

22. Missing your favorite show

23. Talking to the hand

24. Pepsi Clear


26. The unmatched thrill of discovering hidden tracks on CDS

27. 911 Alerts on your beeper

28. Muppets

29. Glamour Shots

30.  Not knowing the lyrics to a song

31. Ronald McDonald and Michael Jackson

32. One shoulder overalls

33. Schunchies

34. Family Ties, Gem, Kids Incorporated, Punky, Charles in Charge, Different Strokes, Webster,  (ect, ect)

35. Not having your entire childhood documented online


  1. Man SO weird!! I almost feel sorry for our kids! Haha awesome list, although I wouldn't be surprised if one shoulder overalls and scrunchies (that is supposed to say scrunchies isn't it?) don't make a come back at some point soon.

  2. Ah, the sweetness of nostalgia!

  3. Knowing the way to get the 8 track to pull the loose tape back in or winding the tape back into a cassette with a pencil or your finger.

    Carrying records with you so you could play your music at a friends house.

    Trying to record your favorite song off the radio onto cassette.

    Riding your bike off into the neighborhood and not coming back until dark.

    Only have 3 channels on your TV.

    Roughhousing at school with your classmates, like playing king of the mountain and no one getting suspended.

    Listening to the radio while laying in the sun using baby oil because we still didn't understand the dangers.

    1. yes!!!! To all these I failed to include.

      Oh, yesterday....

  4. Yes! I am feeling kind of sorry for our kids now, so many awesome things they don't even know they are missing out on. And I'm laughing and remembering pretty much every one on your list.

    The Wonder Years

    Sitting by the radio for way to long just to record your favorite song onto your cassette and then have the DJ talk over the beginning of the song

    Coming up with codes to page your friends on their beepers... 143 = I love you. And trying to spell boys names out of numbers so friends would know that that hot boy you have a crush on showed up.

    Remember that old brown cable remote that had a super long cord and had long skinny buttons, it was called a Jerrold.

    Playing super mario brothers on nintendo and having to keep the console on all night or you'd lose everything and have to start back at level one. And kind of being afraid to turn off the TV in case that did it too.

  5. Such a good list!! Makes me sad that my kids won't get to experience any of these.