Recovering from this afternoon's facial peel (my first) which I'm finding leaves your skin tight and tingling six hours after the fact - I'll let you know in five days, once the shedding of my face subsides, if it's worth the money or not.

Dreading (and therefore neglecting) the bulk of this house that needs to be packed and cleared out.

Feeling pains of nostalgia reading the backstory behind the Calvin Klein / Mario Sorrenti Obsession campaign, told form Kate's point of view which I've never heard before.

Loving the Green Toy brand that's quickly becoming it's own collection in our house because of how much Hayes loves those little cars made of recycled milk cartons. Best bath toy around.

Looking forward to some approaching travel dates as a family in the weeks ahead. First up: Tomales Bay, New York (with the ladies) & Santa Fe with the family.

Eyeing a new pair of clogs to replace the ones I lost.

Intending on these two books to dive into during our Spring Break getaway at the end of this month

Enjoying the return of The Ma Books after an unintentional hiatus last month left it stagnant for weeks. Life lately, getting the better end of my spare time. #movingisatimesuck

Learning about these women photographers around the world that Time is highlighting as talents to watch.

Reading about the carefully curated image created to empower the lasting legacy of Georgia O'Keefe.

Wishing this sharp jumper could be part of my life come July's brutal heatwaves.