Sunset Magazine

A couple months ago we spent an entire day (and part of the evening) with the Sunset crew holed up in our backyard. Complete with a team of photographers, editors and two stylists. Where, amidst all the typical issues they tend to iron out to on these kinds of shoots (lighting, angles, ect) they encountered some of the mayhem inherent in tight knit suburbia settings. The neighbor kid casually wandering over in his underwear to sneak a peek at all the hoopla going on out back. Other kids cycling in and out of our door to grab snacks from my fridge and return Lego parts while my own toddler - who in addition to biting his brother out of spite mid shoot - also vomited in the house when he suddenly decided the juice he was drinking was "yucky" which the dog happily licked up in front of the camera guy during lunch. 

All this, which should have left me feeling rightfully humiliated in the company of such a publication but proved instead a silly side note because one: they all have kids, and two: are also just as cool as the magazine they foster, frame and curate. 

Needless to say we are both honored by our feature in the April issue out now, as well as some more fleshed out details regarding the building, materials, and design you can find online HERE

In regards to the emails flooding our inboxes inquiring about design - yes, we are currently putting together a simple instructional kit to help anyone else out there wanting something similar, for low cost, just in time for some DIY home inspo the Spring season always seems to bring. Kits will be offered in shop at the start of April. 

Thank you Sunset, for including us.
It's not everyday we find ourselves in one of our favorite magazines.