Home Inspo / Concrete Interiors

Some of my favorite things to watch Mike build over the years have usually been anything that include his concrete work, typically in landscape settings. Something about pulling the wood frames off and seeing the sleek lines carved by the bracing that is more satisfying than all the rest. And as much as I love the accents of hard concrete mingled with lush backyard landscape I've always hoped we could incorporate it into the interiors of a home one day because I love how it sets off an otherwise wood heavy, warm home. Noting, of course, that it does take a certain style home to pull it off, and hopefully at some point, we'll be lucky enough to find that.

In any case, I'm entirely obsessed. With concrete kitchens and other accent points in interior spaces that include bathrooms too for that matter. 

Here, a few images I pulled off line which I'm keeping as inspiration should the right house come along and call for it, but I'm also wondering, from a practical stand point, what the end result of having this material as daily use would be. Obviously I've done more eyeing that research. 

Another bonus in our case is how much cheaper a version like this could be considering we could design it and construct it ourselves as opposed to sourcing custom cabinetry which we all know can get pricey even in a small space. Plus how great would it be to include a few custom cubbies and shelving to accommodate kitchen utensils? Love the idea of open space inside the kitchen to showcase favorite and most used pieces in dish ware. 

Styles below ranging from rustic adobe to sleek Spanish mod and all of them straight out of my interior dreams. 

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