- Photo via GoodWin

On edge waiting for this 

Regretting the overdose of bagels & flagels, and pizzas, and other delicious (carb heavy) things I consumed during my stay in New York with wild abandon. A fact that has me feeling sluggish and sorry about it today with a list of to-dos on my desk taunting me as I write.

Covetingperfect white romper. And this adorable nude stitched tee

Obsessing over I Love Dick. The new netflix series adaptation of the nearly forgotten book from the 90s that has resurfaced in the past two years or so to become a new age feminist manifesto of sorts, AND, one fine piece of television. I could go on and on about my crush on Kathryn Hahn and all of her great features, or my praise for the setting and wardrobe, but just watch it yourself in a day like I did. And then of course rush to read the book. Or vise versa.

Wanting these easy slip on clogs

Looking forward to a couple nights away as a family at a cute boutique hotel near Moonstone Beach next week when school gets out.

Adoring these little ceramic ladies- one of which I received as a gift (and good luck house hunting token) on Mother's Day. Who seems to be in need of another cute friend. But how to choose?

Growing Very Fond of the incorporation of the "Dr. Oz slimdown" concoction.
Which is Basically:
1 cup of grapefruit, orange or pineapple juice
2 tsp of apple cider vinegar
1 tsp honey

Not sure what it's doing as far as a slim down so far, but it's certainly helping my digestive pains. And after the relapse with yeast and bagels, I can use all the help I can get.