In the midst of everything May brought - the death of a childhood friend, unexpected rain storms, mother's day, various family celebrations, a house locked in escrow (!) the stress of securing a new home loan, end of school events, scout camp outs, and an onslaught of overtime with Mike on call basically all month, we somehow managed to pull together a last minute birthday party for our sweet boy last Sunday at his grand parent's house which basically resembles a low key theme park complete with a pool, slide, diving board, claw machine, vintage pin ball games, over sized skate ramp, working merry-go-round, zip line and swing set. 

We cooked tacos and drank Micheladas in the shade while the 100 degree weather didn't seem to phase a single kid in that pool.

Hayes wasn't without a smile all day (save for the one photo I snapped of him below) His favorite gift was a 5$ teletubie stuffed toy. And he informed me multiple times throughout the day "Me happy, Mamma." And meant it.Which is all my heart might ever need to hear. 

Happy three, Hayes Ray!
We love you eternally.