Around Here

Bidding farewell to the lax days of a three month long summer break. Spent exploring a new town, uncovering new beaches, coves, caves, and breakfast haunts. Sleeping in, walking around, stretching whatever hours we have left before Fall moves in and routine kicks in.

Hosting dinner on the deck out back for friends. Running aimless in the sun between errands, squeezing in brief surf sessions between weekend renovations. Early morning coffee on the sand. Birthday parties with new friends on the bay at dusk. Freedoms of a season coming to a close.

Chasing that slice of light yesterday in the magic of the eclipse we manage to catch just in time, parked in an alley way using a stranger's wielding mask outside an auto parts store we find on the way to the beach. And again, 30 minutes later, because of another kind man who passes his paper glasses down the line for each of us to see.

Tearing the house to pieces in the evenings, and putting it back together in the mornings. Just the way we want it. The way in which we know it will eventually come to resemble home.

Playing ball, cuddling a puppy handed to us on a misty morning beach without want nearly two weeks ago now we didn't expect to keep.

Painting, singing, napping, loving. Before another school year begins and the untried bliss of another glorious summer slinks away.