Enthralled by these images of Burning Man's most memorable art installations.

Obsessing over just about every item here 

Scouring the internet for simple Buddha Bowl recipes since devouring the most delicious one a friend made for us this past weekend that left me craving more.

Rewatching Eyes Wide Shut after a indulging in a full examination of all the Illuminati themed references. Which, whatever you feel about outlandish conspiracies, does make the movie ten times more intriguing than it was all those years ago when we watched (and argued about it) in a theater on one of our very first dates.

Feeling all five of these

Contemplating this tactic after reading this article

Determined to get inside this house for a tour after a little day trip down PCH exposed it. And I fell in love. Rumors on the web stating it belonged to everyone from the Fitzgeralds to Bette Davis.

Dreading the start of the school year, and days cut short and early bed times and stricter routine. Looking forward to a little time in the afternoon alone though too.

Intrigued by news of this project in the making

Loving this take on Sam Shepard and his connection to Santa Fe, written by my old friend's dear friend in the area.