What's in a Blog?

When I first started this blog I didn't think too much about "audience" or catering to one anyway, I never imagined a blog could bring me money, or "sponsors," or serve as anything other than a decent place to write about things that interested me, as well as keep a chronological documentation of family photos and experiences as a stay at home mom yearning for some kind of creative outlet. A much needed break from the daily grind of a draining (sometimes isolating) routine I was immersed in at the time when I wasn't really leaving the house much with three kids under 4. What I found in addition to an outlet was new (quality) means of connection. Quite frankly the biggest perk of all. Creating a space that made not only me, but others reading along, feel not so alone.

Since those days, nearly 7 years now, the internet has changed drastically. I think we can all agree. Instagram birthed "influencers" and suddenly photos and brief captioning started to eclipse long winded blog posts altogether. Sponsored content dominated the subjects and everything became very polished and way more "professional." More and more people stopped reading or visiting blogs they had loved for ages altogether because IG was easy, equally inspiring, and just so darn pretty to scroll through all hours of every day. I know I was guilty of the same up until recently when the grand allure of Instagram started to wane and I found myself craving more some kind of depth, in narrative, unfiltered insight, and old school blogging in general. Or whatever existed before these perfectly colored curated boxes appeared and kicked everything else to the sidelines.

In that, my dedication to this site remains unwavering. I may not post as much as I'd like, or invest as much time as it deserves, but I'm here. For better or for worse, I am and hope to always be a blogging die hard. And because I've never asked outright, why you guys read here or what you find appealing, or fun, or irritating, I'm opening up the discussion now. Asking as a favor some feedback from anyone who cares to contribute, readers I adore, who might tell me what it is you like or want or seek out in blogs these days. I'm in the midst of redoing this whole site (to debut after the new year) - as surely some of you must have noticed I'm one of the last on this generic blogspot domain so the switch if long overdo. A site I'm comfortable with but craving change.

This new site that will include much of the same stuff I've always shared but I'm hoping to expand a lot more on lifestyle. Things like vacation guides, movie reviews, thoughts on politics and pop culture that I love so dearly but tend to forsake here because it simply doesn't fit the narrative. What I want to know is your feelings on such things. Any advice, suggestion, examples, critiques - I'm open and grateful for them in helping narrow down or fine tune what exactly I'm wanting to include in constructing this new forum. One I hope will cary the same heart and transparency as always. But spring a little braver, a bit smarter, and a whole lot bolder.

Much love,