Scenes From a Weekend / Making Wishbone

Saturday, with two boys at thier Grandma's house and one at a boy scout camp out the house was usually quiet. Mike and I spent the first half of our day with Hayes in tow driving to the far corners of a neighboring town to pick up plants from his nurseries that we discovered (sadly) upon arrival have since gone out of business in the past year since we'd last visited them. Luckily we found one lone survirior to pile up the back of the van with plants for the slope and a few new cacti for the yard. Not that I needed anymore but you know how that goes.

The rest of the afternoon I spent with my friend Victoria shooting a video for new song. We spent a quick 20 minutes there up on the hillside shooting with no particular plan in mind and she recorded the song in my bathroom in a single take when we got home. It was all easy, loose and natural and exactly the way I've been wanting to film her for some time. This is the second video I've done for her - first one you can see here. So the two of us are still learning as we go. What works, and what doesn't. Me, fumbling around the technical end of things and her, learning to feel at ease in video format. All I know is it's great to have someone so talented to collaborate with.  I've always loved editing images to songs so it's a great outlet. I swear I could listen to this girl sing all day long.

Actually, I did. It was lovely.  All of the day's songs I posted on snapchat as a kind of trial platform to host a live streaming concert. I had so much fun with it and hope anyone watching here enjoyed it too. I'm "House Inhabited" on there if I haven't mentioned it before & you're into it. If not, no worries. I'll be posting the first in a series of videos we're doing here on Wednesday.